This practice increases vaginal lubrication, assists with prolapsed uterus and a weak bladder due to its effects in strengthening the muscles that hold these organs in place.  After childbirth this practice can be used to assist with retoning.  As you work to move the egg up and down, closer to the cervix and back to the vaginal opening, you will regain a sense of knowledge of your vaginal makeup and abilities very intricately. Even without any specific exercise the shape of the egg will cause the muscles to work automatically to hold it in place, providing a passive form of strengthening.   We have listed the benefits of each particular gemstone below as they range depending on which stone you choose.  However the physical benefits of the Yoni Eggs are many.  

As someone who loves to adorn the body with gemstones for their beauty and for their metaphysical healing benefits and who has crafted Waistbeads made from pure gemstones for years, the Yoni Egg to me is the next best thing.  I am in love with being able to bring gemstone healing into the vaginal canal and even closer to the uterus and ovaries internally and with ease.  This practice helps us to get to know our wombs more intricately.  The Yoni Egg also assists with strengthening and toning your vaginal muscles and the pelvic floor as well as with assisting with healing the reproductive organs of the women
. It is an ancient form of Kegel exercises with so many other amazing benefits.  

Caring for your Yoni Egg:  when you receive your egg please boil about 2 cups of distilled or spring water. Turn off the heat and allow the water to cool down till its no longer boiling but still warm. Pour into a separate bowl and place your Yoni Egg inside to clean it. Speak your intention for your healing into your Yoni Egg, thank your Yoni Egg for the work it is going to do with yo